The family which ate dinner off the rear end of a plane

I met three people this week who reminded me why I love Britain so very, very much. At its best, this country is a hugely inventive, unabashed, humorous, passionate and pioneering place. A perfect example of this wondrous mix flew into Southend Airport earlier this week. I, and a very nice airport lady called Angela, […]

Linhof shot

Linhof Super Technika: Resuming duties

I have missed the excitement of returning home and finding, amongst the bills and the junkmail, that ever so particular thin brown hard-backed envelope lying there on the floor. Peak Imaging, based in Sheffield, have thankfully not altered their packaging for since my last order with them a few years back. In this age of […]

View inside Regiie Kray's old cell 116

Inside Reggie Kray’s old prison cell at Blundeston

There are some places you never imagine you’ll end up. Take, for example, the prison cell which was once home to one of east London’s most notorious gangsters. Reggie Kray, to be precise. He was once at the now defunct HMP Blundeston near Lowestoft. I’m told by a former guard he never requested his personal […]

England’s Third Ancient University

One of the many things I love about being a journalist is that, contrary to most professions/trades, being easily sidetracked can be a virtue. So while perusing the governance reports of the University of Northampton a couple of weeks back (cannot now remember why I was looking at this documents) I found mention of a […]

Justice project wins a Ruby Award

Delighted to report that my work on the creaking justice system from last September – – scooped a Ruby Television Award and was nominated for the Online Media Awards. The project – which involved an enormous amount of data crunching – went out across television and radio news, current affairs television and online. My […]