trees in Milton Keynes

Shooting Milton Keynes at 50 with a Linhhof 2×3

A few weeks back I was sent on assignment to Milton Keynes to record the town on its 50th birthday. The idea was to take a 50-year-old camera and use it to chart the changes in the town’s 50 years. Turned out there was one problem. Fifty years ago, Milton Keynes agreed in principle. It […]

A place that matters, at least to me

Copley Woods in Halifax is fairly small, often in deep shade and pretty steep. To most eyes it probably isn’t particularly beautiful. But for me, nowhere in the world makes me feel more at home. I have a very personal history with these woods, which at the top are bordered by beautiful giant boulders which […]

Linhof shot

Linhof Super Technika: Resuming duties

I have missed the excitement of returning home and finding, amongst the bills and the junkmail, that ever so particular thin brown hard-backed envelope lying there on the floor. Peak Imaging, based in Sheffield, have thankfully not altered their packaging for since my last order with them a few years back. In this age of […]